Xbee Pro S2C sensors disconnect in the range of 500 meters and don't connect again even if they come closer.

Xbee sensors disconnect in 500 meters and don’t connect back even if we make them come closer. The reason for this issue could be that Routers might be trying to find a new leader when they couldn’t get data from the Coordinator for a while since I’m using 1 Coordinator and 2 Routers for the range test outside. I was told that I can I fix it by change settings to static but I don’t know how I could that or if it’s the solution.

What firmware versions are you working with and who is the manufacture of the XBee Sensor you are referring to?

The firmware version for all sensors is the latest one (4061). More information about the sensor is below:
Digi XBee PRO S2C
Product Family: XBP24C
Function Set: ZIGBEE TH PRO
Firmware Version: 4061

Do you have the NW value enabled on these units?

Are they configured as sleeping devices?

What antenna type are these units?

How is the antenna positioned on the radio or sensor and how is it orientated?

I have no idea what the NW value is. Can you clarify this, please?

No, I configured them as Router and they can communicate with each other in a range of 500 meters. It means that they are not configured as sleeping devices, right?

I’m not sure about unit types of antennas but the sensor I’ve got is this one: https://www.electromaker.io/shop/product/programmable-xbee-zb-s2c-th-pcb-antenna

The antenna is positioned perpendicular to the sensor. The orientation is the same as that on this link: https://www.electromaker.io/shop/product/programmable-xbee-zb-s2c-th-pcb-antenna

The NW is the Network Watchdog timer. When set to a value greater than 0, the routers look for a signal from the Coordinator every 3 x the NW value. If it is not heard, then the router will leave the network.

Not necessarily. They would only be routers if the SM and CE commands are not set.

The radios do need to be placed so that the antenna is facing up and perpendicular to the radio. They should also not be placed in metal enclosures or on the ground as that will interfere with the RF signal.

NW was set to 0 so it means that routers are not supposed to leave the network, right? However, they literally leave the network and don’t rejoin it even if they are brought closer. What else can be the reason for that?

That is correct. A router should not leave the network unless a network reset is preformed.

Ok. Do you think what might be other reasons causing the routers not reconnecting the network?

I figured out that the JV parameter was set to 1 for routers. I think it can be the reason for the problem I’ve been facing. Because it says in the datasheet: “If JV = 1, a router or end device verifies the coordinator is on its operating channel when joining or coming up from a power cycle. If a coordinator is not detected, the router or end device leaves its current channel and attempts to join a new PAN. If JV = 0, the router or end device continues operating on its current channel even if a coordinator is not detected.”

Hence, I believe the JV must be set to 0 for routers. Am I mistaken?