Many-to-One protocol setting on X-CTU

Hi Friends: I’m working with Xbee S2C modules in API mode and Digimesh firmware version 9000. I want the coordinator to work with Many-to-One protocol, but I cannot find the configuration line in X-CTU software to set Many-to-One protocol. Could you help me with that? Thanks in advance. Eduardo

Digi Mesh does not support many to one.

Thank you. Could you please recommend me the protocol that best replace many to one in Digimesh, to set it via X-CTU? Thanks in advance. Eduardo

Hello @buezase
I really didn’t get your question, but I’ll try to answer it though :slight_smile: . It seems you want to make it be an Point-Multipoint and not a DigiMesh RF, so you’d need to change the TO parameter to 0x40 in spite of 0xC0, which is the default.