Master - Slave Implementation

I want to use One XBEE as master and more that 500 XBEEs as slaves.

I want master to communicate with slave XBEEs one by one not simultaneously.

Master should be able to send unique information to Slaves.
Master should be able to communicate with all slaves or some of the slaves.

I am using: XBee PCB Antenna - S1 (802.15.4)
on Arduino UNO’s connected to LiPo battries.

I want to do it complete wirelessly.

How is the above configuration possible? I have checked many forums, also found few videos, but no where I received exact information.

Please help me on this or give me some direction.


There are two basic ways regardless of how many nodes you have.

Both use the same basic configuration of a Point to multi-point network topology

Base Remote
DL - SL of desired remote DL - SL of base
DH - SH of desired remote DH - SH of base

The first is to use transparent mode Entering command mode and changing the DL/DH to match the SL/SH of who you want to send the data to. Exit command mode and then send the data. Continue doing this till all nodes have communicated.

The second is to use API mode on the Base which then allows you to use a known API frame that allows you to send the data to which ever 64 bit address is listed in the API frame. No need to enter command mode so this is the fastest rout. In this case, you also get to know who send the data to the Coordinator where as with the first option, you need to have some sort of address within your data payload if you want o know who sent it.

Thank you.
I will try both the options.