Do a broadcast with Xbee 802.15.4 series 1

Hello, I need to do a network with 3 slaves Waspmote that have Xbee 802.15.4 serie 1 and one Xbee like coordinator connect a PC with a Xbee Explorer USB,how I can do that for example I receive the data for slave 1 and later for slave 2, but that the data that the data saved is the same time as the measurement.How can do in phyton or C++?

Thank you, I am new use Xbee.

The XBee module is nothing more than a wireless cable. That is think of it as a three wire (Tx Rx GND) connection between the PC and the device. Either you need to have some sort of addressing protocol you are working with or adjust the radios 16 bit or 64 bit address field to the receiving modules address, then send the data.

No, Digi does not provide any examples on how to do that. Simple reason being is that you should be able to do this without the xbee connected and simply wired in before the XBee is even considered as a Connection.