ME9210 JTAG - jumper link?

The JTAG version of the ME9210 has a 3-pin header by the JTAG connector - on the unit which came with the dev board, there was a jumper on two pins; on an extra unit I bought, there was no jumper.

Can’t find any info in the manual - anyone know what the link does?


I found the connector (P12) I believe you are talking about on the schematic for the older style Digi development board.

In the referance manual, “Digi Connect ME® & Digi Connect® Wi‐ME, Digi Connect ME®9210 Hardware Reference” version #90000897_F", on pages #13 and #20, it describes the functionality for this pin.

For your convenience, I have provided links to these documents.

Schematic Drawing:

Referance Manual:

P12 connector:
Pin #1 - No Connection (NC)
Pin #2 - Ground
Pin #3 - Tied high (+3.3 volts) thru resistor R55 (10k ohms) and also to pin #20 on P7 (the module’s connector). This is a “Software Reset” function.


Steved - you’re talking about the 3 pin header on the ME 9210 module itself, not the dev board, right? If so, that enables/disables the JTAG interface.

The functionality of the 3 pin jumper (J1) has been the same for all pcb versions (-03 through -05) and should not be confused with the very earliest 9210 ME versions that had a TWO pin jumper. The 3 pin jumper selects the type of reset the user gets when user connector pin 14 is pulled low. With J1 pins 1 and 2 shorted, the user pin 14 low will cause a hard reset; with J1 pins 2 and 3 shorted, user pin 14 low causes a soft reset. J1 with no pins shorted will not cause any type of user reset when user pin 14 is low.

Please note that the connector on the dev board (as described above) is used and reserved for Digi-internal manufacturing purposes only. Customers do not need to implement this connector.

Yes, that’s right. Is there any info anywhere on which position does what?

If the JTAG interface is disabled, is the serial port that comes out on the JTAG connector still operational? (I use it for progress and exception reporting)