Meaning of "B/L Ver." (Digi CM)


We have a few (-+30) Digi CM devices (mainly 32 ports, but also 16 & 8).
They are in 3 sites, making 3 clusters.

After a few hours / days, some digi stop working (don’t respond to ping or respond to ping but not to ssh / telnet / web), they have to be hard rebooted.
We have disabled all what can be disable (system log,; snmp, nfs, etc), just keeping ip access, ssh and clusterd config, but the problem is still there.

They all are at 1.9.2 or 1.9.3 fw level.
While trying to figure out in which condition they hang, i’ve listed all firmware version, and i’ve found 2 differents “B/L Ver.”, mainly v1.2.0 but also some v1.1.3.

What means B/L ? boot loader ?
Why aren’t them at the same level ?
Is this upgradable ?
Do we have interest to put only v1.2.0 as cluster master ?
Could it be linked to our problem of loosing access to clustered Digi’s after some hours/days ? (which MAY be related to memory management, logged as root, ‘free’ show us that free mem is decreasing) ?

Txs in advance !

ps : is there a way to connect digi’s console port to another digi ? If yes, what is the cable type needed ?

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This can get a bit involved. I suggest you enter a case via our web support area for tracking and troubleshooting.

B/L = Bootloader. Latest for CM8/16/32 is 1.2.0, CM48 is 1.1.2.

A cable with TX/RX crossed and ground straight thru will work and this is a good idea for troubleshooting.

I’ve opened a case.

BTW, i haven’t found how to upgrade the B/L (some digi 32 ports are at B/L v1.1.3).