MiniCore� RCM5700 with java and TCp

I like to purchase MiniCore� RCM5700 but before i purchase it i have question in it…
Is this series compatible with java socket TCP coding…

and how can i interface an A?D convertor…

thank you


There is no JAVA interpreter for the Rabbit CPU so this would mean no JAVA sockets. The development system includes a full TCP/IP stack, as well as pre-written code for an HTTP server, FTP server and more. As a server, it can easily include JavaScript within the pages being served, but this is about all the JAVA support supplied.

An ADC could be interfaced through an SPI port or through the Auxillary parallel I/O bus on the MiniCore depending on the ADC used and speed required. Not sure if the first answer is a deal breaker, so let me know if you need more detail on interfacing an ADC to the Minicore.