Missing io_edgeport driver - Debian 2.6.22 kernel

Recently reloaded Debian on my computer and in process used a more recent kernel (2.6.22). My Edgeport/8 (older style, not TI) no longer works – it appears with lsusb OK, but there are no io_edgeport drivers included in this kernel release. There are, however, the source files for io_edgeport.c and io_edgeport.h in the /lib/modules directory. Help is needed. I don’t know the process of making the .ko file (driver) and installing it. Thanks!

What is the 50xxxxxx part number of this Edgeport/8?

(This is a repeat, message apparently lost after it was posted and appeared)

P/N 50001231-01
S/N V22116465

A Google search on “debian missing driver” turned up this:

thread from earlier this year describing how a bunch of USB drivers were dropped accidentally from the standard Debian build. It sounds like this may have been fixed sometime this (2008) spring so you may want to try the latest release (I think the 2.6.22 kernel you refer to is fairly old – the latest stable kernel at kernel.org is

Alternatively, if you want to keep the 2.6.22 kernel, you could load its source package (actually, based on your text, you may have already done
this) and tweak the kernel config file (using one of the standard tools like menuconfig) to include the USB drivers, then rebuild the kernel using one of the Debian based kernel rebuild guides for help. E.g:


(or some other guide you might find with a Google search along the lines of “debian kernel rebuild” or something like that).

Does this help?

Thanks for the info. Investigating further, it appears the io_edgeport driver was left out for some other reason than just accident. The last Debian kernel it appears in that I can find is 2.6.18 – all the newer ones, including 2.6.25-2-686 do NOT have io_edgeport.ko included! Seems strange that I’m the only one inquiring about this. I’ll try asking on the Debian users list and it appears if necessary I’ll have to take your other suggestion and recompile the kernel to include the driver (2.6.22 version). Thanks for pointers. Last time I tried compiling a kernel a few years ago I had nothing but grief, but am willing to try tackling it again.