ML1100 to 3 ML 1000's through XT09-PKI-RA

Hi, I’m trying to connect a Micrologix 1100 up to 3 different Micro 1000’s with XT09-PKI-RA radios. The ML1100 (Node 10) will run a seperate MSG instruction for each Node (20, 30, 40). I am set up RS-232 Half duplex Master/Slave. If I connect through a 1761-NET-A I am pulling good values. When using the radios I am not getting any values.

When the radios are set up and connected to my laptop with one having a loop back adapter I am getting good TX/RX.

My DIP switches on the master & slaves are set to 1, 5, 6 on. All others off. The master has the following settings.


The slave (only one on the bench at this time.)


When I connect to the PLC’s I get the following lights.

RSSI lights on only occasionally (when then do the yellow flashes a couple of times)
Red light on solid
Green light intermittent
Yellow light (flashes a couple of times only when the RSSI light are on)

Slave Node 20
RSSI Lights on constantly
Red light on solid
Green Light (comes on for a long pulse only when the RSSI on the Master radio kicks in.)
Yellow light blinking in time with green from Master radio

The wiring is set RX to RX and TX to TX and GND to GND. There is no Null Modem adapters in the system at all.

It acts as if it is trying to communicate but something is still set wrong. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for any help,


Eric with Digi tech support helped me over the hurdle. The radios were not set to the same baud rate as the PLC’s and so comms were not working right. The Digi chat help is awesome!

Thanks guys!