modem bridge with digi one iap

i have device that i wish to connect to. it’s on a pole in the middle of a field. and is connected to a digi one iap that has a radio modem on it.

what i want to do is use another digi one iap with a radio modem to automatically connect to the remote one and send the data over the radio link.

i dont need authentication or anything i just want my software to connect to the local iap and for that one to call the remote one and form a seemless bridge.

can this be done ?

I’d say it probably could, but are the radio modem and device on the pole both serial devices, or does one (radio modem?) or the other provide you a network connection? Just trying to get a good picture of what you’re trying to do.

the device on the pole is a rs232 device
so the link would be in the following order

digi one iap
radio pad
radio signal
radio pad
remote device

It looks as though the following configuration will work: