Modem Emulation and UDP


I have 2 PortServer TS 1-port.

I run them in modem emulation mode. Since there is no buffering in the Portserver i get a lot of overhead. The packets typically have 1-7 bytes of payload and then there is the TCP ACK i the other direction.

Is it possible to:

  1. Use UDP instead of TCP in modem emulation mode?
  2. Buffer incoming data for period of time before the IP-packet is delivered?


The Modem emulation uses TCP only. However, you may want to try tinkering with the port idletime settings which may help with data packetization. Also ensuring the optimization is set to “throughput” will help to make sure the serial polling is minimized.

These settings can be configured from the root prompt of the unit (root):

#> set port idletime=(delay in ms){0-60000}

#> set config optimize=throughput