Modems showing as "not present" after server reboot with AcceleportXP

We have several Windows 2000 servers that have anywhere from 8 to 12 modems attached via the 16 port AcceleportXP multi serial port board.

When the servers reboot, we often lose several modems and those modems show as “not present”. If you run the modem detect again it will say it didn’t find any new modems but when you go back to check the modems, the ones that said “not present” before are fine again. It seems like during the initial modem detect that runs at startup that it fails to poll all of the modems for some reason even though I can see all of their lights go on in sequence during startup including the ones that have issues.

We have seen this issue on all of our 2000 servers with this setup and we’ve had the issue with both Hayes and Multi-tech modems. This is a huge issue for us because these servers have incoming data calls all night, every night and often the modems that come up as “not present” are at the top of the call rotation so the server just won’t answer.

I’m wondering if the OS is probing the digi-board at the same time it’s trying to probe the modems and the two conflict somehow?

Anybody have any suggestions?