Monitoring power data via xbee serial terminal and ConnectPort X4 on a PC screen

Hi All,

I have a smart meter connects to XBee S2 by a serial RS232 interface. I am using a ConnectPort X4 ZB Ethernet as a coordinator connects to my PC. I would like to monitor the power data collected by the smart meter on my PC via TCP/IP.

I have tried the following python source codes downloaded from

TCP to Zigbee Dynamic Name Mapping
TCP to Zigbee port binding
Xbee transport

All the pyhton codes are running and I collect the data but sometimes my source code written by C++ can not detect some data specially in the beginning of communication so I miss them. I tried the code many times and many time had same problem.

Could you please let me know If someone encountered same problem.


Hi I would suggest you to file a case from Support Web Portal using you Login credentials and directly talk to digi experts and share your code with them.