multiple access via TCP


thanks to Miker i could develop my aplet and make it work on the device (with the server firmware).
Myapplet connect to the serial port of the device via TCP and sends ASCII strings when i click on buttons.

now i have a question concerning multiple access :
is it possible to configure the firmware so that several people can connect and load the applet at the same time ?
When i try, only the first PC can connect, the other can’t.

thank you

Are you using the Plug and Play firmware? If so, telnet into the module and use the hidden command ‘set sharing’. Using the command ‘set sharing ?’ gives you the syntax.

thank you !
do i need to connect on a specific port ? i’m using the default one (2001) and when i type ‘set ?’ or ‘set sharing ?’ the only help i get is :
“syntax: set [options…]”
and thn a list of options, but “sharing” is not one of them. there is one called permissions, but i don’t think it’s related.

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