Multiple pairs of radios

I’m running 2 pair of xpress radios connecting two remote laptops with a central computer.

Each laptop is paired with an xpress radio. The central computer is plugged into a switch, along with the corresponding xpress radios.

I’ve got 1 pair of radio’s set to the low range of channels, and the 2nd pair of radio’s set to the high range of channels via the pin switches. The two radios connected to the switch are relatively close to each other, probably within 12 inches. Prior to adding the second set of radios, the range was incredible. After adding the second set of radios and setting the pin switches to the low range for 1 and the high range for the 2nd, my range is pretty low and they seem to interfere with each other. Should I separate the radios in the central office? Should I just let them roam for a channel? Is there anything I can do to get the range back and stop the connections from dropping?

I have exact same problem, except the radios are located about 3’ from each other, which, technically, should not be an issue since wavelength for 900MHz is approx. 12".

The tech support, prior to purchasing the bridges, explicitly said that they will NOT interfere with each other. I don’t think it’s interference issue, but an issue with one non-root connecting to the root (Master) of the other bridge. So both of the non-root bridges flip-flop between the 2 roots, which causes the range and high packet loss issue.

I do NOT suggest this product for P2P installations, where there are multiple sets of bridges. For single installations, this product is excellent.