Multiprogrammer never finishes "Performing a clean shutdown"

I’ve been trying to put my new Multiprogrammer to work, but finding it’s not nearly as productive as it could be due to getting one or more modules in a stuck status of “In Progress” with details of “Performing a clean shutdown”

I start off with six brand new XB3-C-A1-UT-001 units. I’ve tried this multiple ways with random, but similar results. I plug in the multiprogrammer power and USB cables. In the application, I see them all show up as modules in their slots. I load a profile to use to program them which includes a Digi firmware upgrade plus my configuration. I start the session and most proceed normally up to about 3-4 minutes in when they all go into the “Performing a clean shutdown” state. Invariably, one or more of them never successfully exit that state. I have to shut down the programmer and restart it to clear it so all six slots are available again. I’ve left this going before to see if it ever finishes and I’m now 17 minutes in and two of the six have not completed.

If I shut it down and restart the box and go through the process with the previously flashed modules, all six will quickly finish, presumably partly because it didn’t have to update firmware and only had to update config.

Has anyone had a similar issue and/or seen a solution to this?


This is something that would be best handled by sending an email to over.

Digi Support