Xbee pro shutdown problem


I have been working with a XBee pro module on an embedded control system. The XBee is meant to receive control information from a PC. It seems that my application on Windows is ok because the XBee devkit shows the expected activity (transmission). The embedded system has a data reception LED showing the reception activity.

The problem that I have detected is that after few minutes (1 to 3 minutes) my XBee pro on the embedded control system shuts down (when motors running).

In fact, my windows application is constantly sending information to the embedded system (devkit shows transmission activity all the time but after few minutes the data reception LED on the embedded system turns off). Also,I used a Scope to verify that the MCU is sending information to the XBee but it seems that the Xbee module is shutdown because the Data reception led on the devkit is off. So, it is a fact that the XBee module is receiving RF information (antenna) and MCU information to be transmitted on the Data Input pin is present but the communication is lost.

This problems is mainly present when my embedded system
is dragging 5-7Amps due to actuators.
Xbee module Power supply is 3.3V

Is there a way to verify if the XBee module on the embedded control system is working properly?.

Is it possible that the Xbee module is partially damaged?

Would a separated power supply solve the shutting down problem?

Thanks for you help,