My Xbee 900 pro S3B unit are dropping packets?

I have two Xbee 900 Pro S3B modules setup and communicating.

The one sends a signal from a sensor and the other receives the signal and processes it further.

When the modules are inactive (sensor not active) it loses comms and drops a couple of packets before the receiver starts receiving signals again.

What is happening? No Sleep mode is activated.
How do I setup the radios to be always on and never drop data?

What kind of data is being sent back and forth? What is sending the data to the radio and how it is connected?

I have the xbee connected to a Arduino Leonardo with Xbee socket onboard.

I send the letter “p” with serial1 from the arduino to xbee and receive it again with a similar setup.

So what is the sensor connected to?

the sensor is connected to the arduino, but that part works.

It is an ADXL345 acceleromete that picks up a single tap (“p”). This data is captured by the arduino and transmitted as a single letter “p” from the arduino to the xbee using serial1.

On the other side the xbee is connected to a similair arduino that looks for the letter “p” on serial1. when the letter “p” is received a LED is pulsed to indicate this.

Everything works, the sensor provides the output every time and this I have tested already. I now added the xbee to get the signal remotely (I plan on using this up to 1.3km) but for now I need to sort it out while on my desk first (with Xbee on the lowest power setting)

Problem solved, I messed up some programming of timers(overflows) :frowning:

The Xbee is working fine