Needing help with configurating XBee pro


I just got my new XBees Pro. I use the XBee USB Explorer for the coordinator and the Funnel IO for the End Device. I configured it like that:

Coordinator: z.B. PANID=1234, MY=1, DL=2, DH=0, Channel=C
End Device: z.B. PANID=1234, MY=2, DL=1, DH=0, Channel=C

I also set the baudrate of booth to 9600. Then I connected the end device to the Funnel IO, where it gets the power from. I connected the coordinator to the USB Explorer and tried the Range Test, but I only get “Timeout waiting for Data”. On the Funnel IO is a led with the name “RSSI”. When I start the range test, the led starts lighting. So I know, that something has to arrive at the end device, but I always get the “Timeout” message.

What is wrong? Maybe something with the configuration?

Greetings Philipp

You mention term “coordinator”, and also mention Z.B. Are these ZigBee modules? What firmware versions are on these modules?


Increase the data receive timeout from 1000ms (default) to 5000. This is done in XCTU -> range test -> ‘advanced’ button -> data receive timeout.