XBee Pro S2B issues with Range Test

I have 2 XBee Pro S2B and im trying to do the Range test.

XBee 1: Coordinator AT, USB interfaz
Pan ID:10
Serial number: 13A200406F1B94
Destination address: 13A2004092C6C2
Baud Rate: 6 - 57600
Modem: XBP24BZ7
Firmware: 20A7

XBee 2: Router AT, USB-Serial interfaz
Pan ID:10
Serial number: 13A2004092C6C2
Destination address: 13A200406F1B94
Baud Rate: 6 - 57600
Modem: XBP24BZ7
Firmware: 22A7

Xbee 1 is connected to pc using USB interfaz and when i click Start button on Range test i only get “Timeout waiting for data”.

What else do I need to do?



Refer the range-test document at the following link, ftp://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90001067_a.pdf

Hope this helps.

You have to connect loopback adopter at other xbee or you can short RX and TX of other XBee.

Other option is connect both Xbee to pc, open two xctu and run range testing from both side.

Your settings are right.

Range testing is done when data sent is received back.

Thanks guys.

Connecting Xbee to PC 1, XBee2 to PC2 and running X-Ctu range test on both PCs i did not any problem.

Srry my english.