network resets periodically

1 coordinator broadcasts messages to 2 routers (all in AT mode) - routers receive messages (rate is about 6 bytes of data in one message per second) fine for a about 12 seconds (messages) and then lose join, coordinator drops join indication, then network re-establishes for another period of 12 seconds.

Is this possibly being caused by buffer over-run of the originating messages?

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

Should not be buffer overflow. Swap coordinator firmware with one Router and see how it goes. I’m suspecting if Coordinator module is defective.

I have swapped devices around, to no avail.
And, yes, I’ve done the obvious of setting the power/boost-mode to lowest/disable to reduce co-radio interference.
It appears to be one of the routers that is resetting the net, (I use the term ‘resetting’ loosely) as they drop their join LED first, I can’t discern which one, but if I only use one router or the other, the behavior is identical regardless of which router is alive at the time.
more info: XB24C family firmware version 4059(newest)
I have slowed my info packet send rate to 1 burst every 3 seconds, it’s about 6 to 8 bytes per info packet, quite slow really, and not desirable for this application, but I never see the net drop now, and never a delay on the received info. Before, it would periodically appear to buffer on receive side and pause, then output multiple info packets in a quick burst.

What more can I do - I enabled verbose join notification, and it’s only signalling a join at initial start of a radio, never indicates a dis-join, etc. but when it’s not working correctly the join LED (rssi?) will go blank on a router and then the coordinator follows - then the router re-lights it’s LED and the coordinator follows.

I’m puzzled, but being a newbie to this product, that’s not surprising.

Can you tell me what all parameters have you changed on Coordinator & Routers from their default values?

set PANID to 111, and the DL and DH according to doc in XCTU the DH is FFFF on cord and 0000 on routers, the power PL is set to lowest, and power mode PM is set to 0 (disabled), otherwise all else is default except that the cord is CE=1

I saw in a separate thread where I may be expecting to send to rapidly, it posted that broadcast messages should be sent at about > 3 sec spacing, which won’t work for this as I need more nearly real time as this is a voltage/current sensor on a marine system that needs finer resolution.