New hardware - 48v supply? embedded PPP modem?

Just curious if anyone has a use for the IAP with native 48vdc supply? Today Digi sells a poorly advertised 48vdc to 12vdc external converter that can power the IA/IAP (or SP, TS4, etc). But would it be useful to have a separater SKU for a 48vdc +/- 20% model? Normal model would still be 10-30vdc.

Also, we may add a socket for a standard Telco modem to create another IAP+M product that would support dial in and out by PPP in a single DIN-Rail case. Today the IAP can do this with an external modem; this would just create a TS1M like product with a modem and 1 spare serial port.

But just to be clear the 48vdc supply and internal modem would NOT be on the standard product - it would push the base cost too high.


  • Lynn