no connectivity on port 771 to usbhub/2 and unexpected reboots w2k8r2 server

From our Windows 2008R2 virtual server (vmware) we see with netstat an SYNC status on port 771, but the realport is succesfull shown in the device manager and also in the AnywhereUSB Remote Hub Configuration Utility.

Also an connection on port 3422 is established.

The firmware version is 1.32.0630 and the driver version is 4.5.372.0.

On Com4 on the usbhub there is a license dongle, which is been read every day at least one time.

We suspect that the reason for the unexpected reboots of our w2k8 machine is the problem the communication on port 771, so the license dongle is not found or responding.

We use a Safenet dongle with driver version

We have allready updated the firmware and drivers once, but the problems were getting worse, so we have reverted these changes.

Hopefully someone can help us.
I have seen several similar problems about port 771 in forums, but no solutions.