No prototyping board

Hi, i don’t have too much experience with electronics, and i need to program the RCM4000 without the prototyping board that came with the development kit. Im having a lot of trouble reading the schematics of the prototyping board in order to understand how to energize de rcm without this board.

My first idea is to power up the 3.3V input and to ground the pin 2 so i can use a test program to see if it works, but i don’t want to harm the RCM.

Any ideas???

You can run the RCM4000 alone with 3.3V and gnd attached but without an external battery you will not be able to save the contents of the SRAM or use the RTC(real time clock)

I hope this helps

thanks margaret, but… can i program it with just that??? the thing i was told not to mess (sold cables or stuff like that) with the prototyping boad, if possible of course.

Sorry if my english has problems, but im a little out of practice.

thanks, first time proving it, and it works.