RCM2000 prototype board

Hello group,
I have an older RCM2000 prototype board and recently downloaded the C compiler v9.62. I was able to load an older program and everything seems ok.
The problem is, I have misplaced all of my notes and what ever doc’s came in the kit. Can anyone point me in the right direction?:rolleyes:

I have been using the Atmel AVR devices and now I need ready made boards such as the BL series and will use the RCM2000 to get back up to speed.
I will have to start all over again and I am looking forward to getting up to speed.

Thanks in advance
I did find a PDF file that was for a RCM2000. However, this is not the same board that I got in my kit. The prototype board has three buttons, three LED’s, a prototyping area, a socket (DIL) for a RS-232 chip (I think), several jumpers for the LED’s, a power supply input connector and a 10 pin double row header pins for serial I/O. There is also an area for surface mount devices.
If any one can direct me to the documentation for this board, I would be very thankful.
Once again, thanks in advance.