No response when continuing to execute FN command

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I made an Arduino program that sends an FN Command every 10 seconds to find the End Device around the Router Device.

At first, I was able to confirm that it was working without problems and a response was returned.
If you continue as it is, the response will suddenly disappear from a certain timing.

I checked if there was a problem with the target End Device and tried turning the power off and then on again, but the situation did not change.

However, when I power cycled the RouterDevice that is sending the FN Command, I found that the FN Command response was returned again.

Is it possible to keep sending FN Command at regular intervals and keep detecting devices?

No, you should not be sending the FN or other broadcast packet that often.

Thank you for answering.
I wanted to create a mechanism to search for end devices that exist around the router device at regular intervals, but does that mean that such an implementation should not be done?

Thank you for answering.
It means that you shouldn’t call it too early.