Non-Standard Baud Rates - MIDI

Hello, I’m working on a wireless MIDI project using Arduino and XBEE S2C’s and a Mac. I have zero programming experience.

MIDI uses 31,250 Baud. When I changed the baud using a ATBD command, I can no longer access the XBEE via XCTU or any other serial tool.

I have not been able to reset the XBEE to factory. Windows version of XCTU allows for custom baud rate to be entered in the discovery Window while Mac version does not.

Do I need a modified FTDI driver to read 31,250 baud before I could even see the XBEE again?

Is there an aliasing program or tool I could use? I will have to run the XBEE’s at this BD and wish to use XCTU to monitor and modify the XBEE’s.