PAN trouble

I’ve configured an XbeePro as the coordinator, with three battery powered XBee end devices. The setup is being tested on my benchtop, and the batteries are carefully monitored so that the battery life can be predicted.

My problem is that the end devices quit communicating sporadically. Power consumption indicates that they are still waking and transmitting, but I am getting no packets from the coordinator. Curiously, cycling the power on any end device restores the entire PAN for a time.

More details:

The configs are attached.

All end devices are configured identically, and wake approx. 10 times a second to report DIO state.

My controller at the coordinator parses the virtual wire packets for input state of DI 1 and 2 of each end device. End devices are differentiated by the 64 bit address in the packet. (I plan to add ADC to 0 for battery voltage reading later)

I don’t think this has anything to do with the application XCTU, so please post the type of modules and firmware you’ve loaded on them so we can move this thread to the right forum to get it answered.