Port Server 4 TSi MEI, how to emulate PC com port

I have a PLC that I can connect to with my laptop using com 1 and a null modem adaptor. I can not connect thru the DIGI over the network using the same software. How can I make the DIGI look like my PC’s com port with the null modem adapter.

The best way to do that would be to configure the TS4 MEI as device type Realport, then install the Realport driver on your server. The Realport driver will create a number of virtual comm ports corresponding to the physical ports on your TS4 MEI.

Thanks michaelt. I don’t think I will be able to do that without testing the system with the driver. This is going on a live SCADA system. I would have to believe that it is possible to configure the DIGI to look just like a PC com port. I have no problem using my PC and a simple modbus polling program to poll the PLC, when I try using my PC thru the network, using the same software, just directing it to use the DIGI serial port the PLC is connected to, i does not work. I can see the polls getting to the PLC and the DIGI sees the outbound traffic, but no response from the PLC. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks. I put a mini tester on the port and the CTS light, while connected to the PC port, is on and RED. When coming from the DIGI it is on and GREEN. Can’t get it to go off. I turned off RTS and CTS, but it still stays lit and GREEN.

Look, You must form the port where you connect your plc of type TCP SOCKETS, soon, you can unload a software to emulate seriales ports like COMPORT REDIRECT, and in that software you assign to direction IP of your equipment digi to him and the port to which one is going away to connect.

You’ll probably want to call into Technical Support to get help troubleshooting that then. The only way I’m aware of for the TS4 MEI serial ports to look like a com port is via the Realport driver.