Port Server TS 4 over PIX Tunnel problems

We are running a TS 4 at a remote location for lab equipment. The interface (On Windows 2000) time out trying to find the term server 4-5 times a day. I am running Pix 515s at either end and have my timeouts at 24 hours. Any suggestions?

A couple things that stand out as possibilities here are either the TS is resetting (hardware failure) or that the network is losing connectivity.

Taking a look at the “uptime” parameter on the TS4 will tell you when the last time it rebooted was. Does that date/time stamp look right to you?

As far as network goes, ping would be a good tool to tell if the network is going down. If you can ping, maybe you’d want to run a network sniffer such as Ethereal or Netmon for a little closer look at the activity. Note: these tools are not Digi-provided, so please see the creators of those utilities for documentation on how to use them.

I know that the device is not resetting and I can access it through telnet as well as ping the device when they cannot access it through the interface. Problem is, Telnet and Ping use different ports than the interface. They also do not require the individual term server ports to be open, just the ethernet port. I think it is related to the application itself, but an looking for someone else who is running a termserver over a PIX tunnel without any timeout issues.

Are you running the Realport driver on your Windows server by any chance? Or are these serial tunnels being created by the TS instead?

They are being created by the term server.

This only seems to be occurring when the interface is idle for a period of time (less than an hour.)

If the connection is being created by the Digi, you’ll want to “set ports range=* keepalive=on” on the unit creating the connections. This will enable keepalive on the created autoconnections. If that doesn’t resolve it for you, you’ll want to call Technical Support.