Hey guys, I bought this digi portserver II hoping that i could connect it to a freebsd server… I’ve gotten as far as telneting to the ip of the digi and port 2003, and it connects and just sits there…

Is this incompatibilities with the OS? or did i configure somthing wrong in the digi? i have the console speed on freebsd set to 115200, same with the port range 1-16, and ttyd0 is accepting the connection… not sure what to look at next, do i need any hardware or software flow control? i’d appreciate any help and an example config, thanks!

What types of devices will you be connecting?

Using the method where you are connecting to 2003, allows communication with the attached device. What is attached to port 3 on your unit? Let’s say for example you have an external modem attached to port 3 (2003), you can connect to the 2003 socket (i.e. port 3) and issue modem AT commands directly.

If you would like attached terminals to automatically establish a telnet session to your FreeBSD host, you can configure autoconnect:

#> set port auto=on dest=(IP_of_FreeBSD_host) dport=23 range=(port#) dev=term

Hope this helps.