PortServer 2 connected to a PBX?

Try to connect a PS 2 to a Meridian PBX and was wondering if anyone knows what the settings on the PS need to be set at? Thanks

Device type printer (set ports), with baud, parity, and flow control to match that of the PBX Console port (set line, set flow). Once the settings are made, the Portserver II will need to be rebooted.

Here’s a link to an article which discusses setting up a Portserver II for Console Management (refer to command line setup section):


Do you know if I have to telnet to the PBX after I log in to the Port Server, or can I telnet to it using Procomm and just add the port #, 2001 after the IP address. Thanks

Yes, for port 1 (and assuming you’ve left the TCP base socket setting at the default of 2000), you would telnet to IP.of.PortserverII 2001. TCP port 2002 for port 2, etc. That port would need to be set to device type printer and the Portserver II rebooted in order to allow this socket connection.

If you still aren’t seeing data from the PBX console at that point, try putting a loopback plug in the Portserver II port instead, and see if you can connect to the socket and echo data back to yourself. If you see that data, check cabling and/or PBX Console port config (baud, parity, flow control, etc) to make sure it matches the serial port settings on the Portserver II for that port.