Portserver TS 2, DNP not working

I have a DNP Ehternet master communicating to an serial RTU successfully, with a ConnectPort TS 16. I’m attempting to copy the exact setup, but using a Portserver TS 2. The “Connections” log in the Portserver shows “Connected From” the IP of the DNP master, but the “Connected To” column is “Logging In”, for 13 TTY’s. I can disconnect them if I chose. The ConnectPort shows a “Connected To” “serial 16” for the serial connection from port 16. What is Logging In, for DNP communications?

I got it to work. The missing piece was I had Reverse TCP disabled, to have the PortServer resemble my working connection with a ConnectPort, but once enabled DNP comms worked immediately.
The connections (under Session Management) still shows 10 “Logging In” sessions, but now 1 connection for my RTU connected to serial port 1.