Portserver TS-4 drp Sent Reset to node 0 - Improper Open Response

I have two customers that are utilizing the Digi Portserver TS-4 that are having the same problem. Multiple times a day the customer gets the message:

drp Sent Reset to node 0 - Improper Open Response

And the box stops responding. They have to unplug the power and plug it back in to get the box to respond again. We have reset the box at each location to factory default and we have removed and reloaded the software. Both sites are running SCO OpenServer 5.0.5. The devices are the only network-attached items having any problem, so I don’t believe its network related (we’ve changed the Cat-5 cable and port on the switch as well). Does anyone have suggestions as to the cause for this problem?

This is an issue that has been resolved in the latest firmware and driver versions.

Please install the most current driver and firmware releases from the Digi Web site:


Be sure to remove the existing driver on the UNIX host prior to installing the new one.