PortServer TS 8 automation

Hello all. I’m trying to automate configuring the driver for a PortServer TS8. We’ve already scripted configuration of the device but now we would like to configure the driver via scripting. Is this possible to do without using the driver GUI via device mangler?

I’d like to be able to hard set the items in the registry or via ini.

Settings we need to configure:
Ip address
Realport TCP port number
the authentication secret
selecting encrypt network traffic (TLS v1.0. 128 AES)

I see some of these values in the registry but not all of them and I was thinking some of these were too cryptic for me to read or understand. Is this possible to do?

Unzip the latest drivers into a directory which is easy to get to from the command line, like C:\rp.
Open a command window and change to c:\rp.
run setup /? to see all the parameters including those for setting up via the command line.
Setup /? >setuppar.txt will output the info to a text file which is often easier to use.

Thank you! I should have checked that. This worked for me.