PortServer TS series with AB RSLogix

Is there any way to use standard TS 2, 4, 8, or 16 PortServers to connect RS232 devices to an AB ControlLogix PLC and address them directly from RSLogix 5000 via an Ethernet/IP Bridge card installed into the PLC rack? I would think not, but I have several I’d like to re-use in this manner without purchasing new IA PortServers.

Sorry, only the Digi One IAP has any AB protocol awareness.

If the ENB of the ControlLogix supported a raw socket it would work fine … in fact any device-server/terminal-server would work then. But so far Rockwell has resisted introducing this, I wager because the CPU doesn’t really understand things like a “socket” - it needs to use CIP across the CLgx backplane to talk to the ENB as a “bridge” only.

Hmm, but now that I think about the problem they could add a few “assembly objects” to the ENB and just use those to send/receive raw TCP socket segments. Then if the socket went to an interface such as the normal Digi port 210x TCP Sockets, you’d be able to read/write ASCII directly from MSG blocks.