Portserver TS16 over 100meg WAN link


We’re having an issue with a Portserver TS16 that we have at a remote site. The remote site was previously connected with a 10meg WAN link and the ts16 was working fine, we upgraded the link to 100meg and have been experiencing issues.

We use the TS16 to connect Lab devices to our Meditech medical information system, the lab devices have been going offline after the upgrade.

I tried adjusting settings for latency and timeouts for the devices. The timeouts seemed to improve things a bit (gave errors that were easier to recover from) but not the desired result.

I’ve temporarily fixed the issue by routing traffic for the device over a secondary link to the site that is 1meg. However I need to resolve the issue as that link is going to be upgraded as well in a few months.

Has anyone seen this occur before or have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?


Since the network is the only element changed, I recommend looking at the “Speed” and “Mode” settings on the unit to make sure they match the new WAN configuration.

This can be checked under the web interface under Network > Advanded Network Settings. Try manually configuring the settings in the event it is not being auto-detected.