power supply

we have in our clinic the Digis connect ES. Since one year we have many problems with the Digis, because some of them have defects with the the power supply unit.
After 5 Years there is no more guarantee, so we want to change the power supply unit ourself.
If there anybody who knows or able to give us the info, where we can by the power supply unit?
The name of the Digi is: connect ES 8 Port single Ethernet
We are very happy about an answer,
Thanks and Best Regards from Germany
Stefan Meyer

Most of Digi’s products have a Wide power range they support. This is done so that customers such as your self can use any power supply you choose so long as it meets the devices requirements. For example, if the device says that it supports 9 - 30V DC and needs 1.1Amp. I can use a DC power supply of 24V so long as it can supply 1.2A or more current.

If you are asking because you are having issues with power supply failing, then I would suggest adding a UPS with a built in Surge aerator built in. This should solve the issue.