Printing the information that I can read in XCTU on the device cloud

I have a water flow sensor connected to an arduino (that reads the water flow) and there´s an xbee pro s2c connected to it, sending the data to a cordinator (on my computer) and I can see the data in the XCTU.
I´ve put the cordinator into a connect port X2, and I get into the website of the digi device cloud, where I can see the network (cordinator and a router connected), but I´m not able to read the data.
I´ve tried to put the XIG (python file from Robert Falud, explained in the book building wireles sensor networks) but it doesn´t work, or I don´t know how to use it.
My goal is to read the data that I already have on XCTU, but I need to read it on the digi device cloud.
Anyone has ideia of some library that I need to use? or some code that can help to read this data?