problem getting XCTU to talk to Xb24-z7wit-004

I ran into a problem setting up 2 new Xb24-z7wit-004 modules so I researched the knowledge base for other people who have had a similar problem. It was suggested to go to the link below to “restore” the module but I get a “page error” on the digi web site.

Here’s the issue. When I received the modules I was able to use coolterm via an arduino Mega to get into module and change IDs etc. but of course could not upgrade firmware with out using XCTU which apparently will not work thru the arduino. I had ordered a parallax Xbee USB serial adapter and when it arrived I connected that to the Xbee via XCTU to communicate to the module. I also downloaded the ftdi USB driver from parallax they suggested I use. I set all the parameters the same as I was using in the coolterm prg and tried to connect. I couldn’t seem to communicate to the module by sending the +++ or the AT (w/return) command. I was receiving back a . (00 in hex) approx. every 5 seconds. I tried the coolterm prg again via the arduino and found that I could not talk to the module(s) with it either. Same response as in the XCTU program. I reloaded the USB serial driver again (both times it stated "install successful). Also tried this from an XP machine and a Windows 7 machine. Results the same. After researching I found a number of people had a similar problem and the common solution was to go to the link mentioned above but I don’t seem to be able to connect. Does anyone have any suggestions other than the link above. I’m frustrated with what should be a relatively simple task. Appreciate any help. thanks

Here is a link that will work.

That was very helpful, I’m up and going. Thank you very much