problem in create an new project with basic web server

I have completed my application in my development kit with JTAG ConnectME
where my basic application is to convert RS232 to TCP data and With the help of HTML to C,
I created a website to configure my device.

My application with the web site works by modifying the sample project HTTP SERVER SAMPLE.
This is replacing the html folder files. C by my own page or files .c .

In the data sheet evaluation kit mentions that the Primary Serial Port is available for an
application and The Secondary Serial Port is for debugging purposes, but when I work on the
project HTTP SERVER SAMPLE replacing the files. C by my own files, the port primary operates as debugging purposes and
the secondary port works as available (ports are reversed) and my application works properly.

How can I make my application work properly with my primary port?

I tried to create my application without changing the HTTP SERVER SAMPLE project. I try to create a project from the beginning
but does not work for errors of libraries

I perform the steps to create a new project are:
file -> new -> managed make C project

Thanks for you HELP!!!

You wiull need to disable STDIO and possibly also a dialog port in GUI or just change them in bsp_sys.h:
#define BSP_STDIO_PORT “/com/0”


  • BSP_DIALOG_PORT determines whether or not the initialization code will prompt for configuration
  • parameters. It should be set to a string that contains the serial port to prompt with. If it
  • is not set, or if it contains an invalid port, then the initialization code will not prompt for
  • configuration parameters.
  • @external
  • @since 7.1
    #define BSP_DIALOG_PORT “/com/0”

If you want to disable them, comment them out, if you want to move them to other port, change /com/0 to /com/X where is is Whatever port you whant to change it to. Then in you application use /com/0 instead of /com/1