Problem in Xbee Pro S2B after changing firmware

Dear all,
I’m an XBee new user, I’ve bought XBee Pro S2B and I made it adapter by my self and connect to my computer using FTDI. In the first time I don’t know how to communicate between two XBee, after I set my XBee using X-CTU and Function Set in tab “Modem Configuration” I choose Coordinator AT and Router AT in the other caused my Xbee can one-way communication.

Because I need to set my Xbee as two-way communication so I try one by one function set. And I got a problem when I change the function set into Router/End Device Analog I/O. I caused I can’t give a command to my XBee, and when I check with Test/Query it need to reset and after I reset my XBee the application shows a massage that “Unable to Communicate with Modem”. After this all, I try to re-flash my XBee, but when I reset it and type B in X-CTU Terminal there’s no change and I can’t go to the next step to update my firmware. Is it caused by Analog I/O? So my XBee can’t communicate using FTDI?

Is there any solution for my problem to fix my Xbee? Or is there any solution to re-flash my XBee? Please help me. Thank you so much.

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Try following the recovery method listed at