problem with connection between xbees

i have now two xbees connected each to xbee shield and one of them is connected to an arduino board without the microcontroller and the other to an arduino board with the controller…the one with no microcontroller on it is connected to the pc directly by a usb cable and the xbee module is configured to be the router…and the other with the microcontroller is powered by a battery and the xbee module is configured to be the coordinator
if i open the xctu and i write something in the terminal window i can see that di led on one xbee shield is blinking and the do led on the other xbee shield is blinking also…
how can i know that the xbees are connected ? because when i perform range test i receive time out waiting for data but i can see that the di led on one is blinking along with the do led on the other.
any ideas?

make sure you’re setting up the test properly:

You’ll need to make the following settings on the testing node:
Testing node DH = target nodes SH
Testing node DL = target nodes SL
Testing node DI = 0x12

Then do a network reset to insure the network end nodes rejoin to the easily seen router. You’ll need to go to: XCTU -> terminal tab: then enter:

(doing ‘+++’ puts the node into command mode. From there you can enter the ‘atnr1’ command which will force the entire network to reset. Setting NJ=0 will prevent the end nodes from joining your testing node. We want to avoid this behavior because you will remove it when you’re finished. We want the end nodes to associate with your newly introduced router, not your testing node.)