Problems joining t-stat to X2E (split from another thread)

I’m having a similar issues with my X2e. I’m trying to join a thermostat as a router to my coordinator X2e.
I have a test cert on the thermostat.
The join is always unsuccessful. I’ve captured the ember sniffer trace if that would be helpful to debug.

What type of thermostat is having difficulties joining to the X2E? Is this a Computime and are you using the same procedure you’d normally use with it to provision it on a CP-X2?

Yes, it a Computime thermostat and I am using the normal provisioning procedure. The process is:

  1. Check the gateway channel and PAN ID.
  2. Open the gateway’s network i.e. enable joining.
  3. On the Computime tstat, scan for the specific PAN ID on the specific channel and then select and join.
  4. The tstat shows the message ‘Join unsuccessful’.

Let me know if I should try something else.

I’ll send you an email about this…