Problems with Configuring / Reading XBee SX 868 USA


We have a problem communicating to the XBee SX 868 USA version (XB9X-DMUS-001). For configuring the XBee, we are using the XBee Explorer USB by Sparkfun. This unit works on the XBee 868 LP version for Europe. Pins 2 till 11 and 24 till 33 are soldered on the XBee and so connected to the XBee Explorer USB.

In the datasheet: “The only required pin connections are VCC, GND, DOUT and DIN” (we use GND of pin 11).

Reading the XBee SX 868 USA version using in XCTU sometimes works, sometimes not… Any help would be appreciated!

There is NO U.S. 868 product as there is No 868 MHz band in America. There is however the 900 MHz ISM band for which the part number you provided is a member of.

Try connecting DTR and RTS. These lines are needed for firmware upgrades.

I want to advise you for help and advice to us.
We’ll be glad to help.