Project xbee SEP1.1

I want to control and monitorize a water heater with SEP1.1.
I will use 2x Xbee / Xbee-PRO ( with 2xArduino.
The scheme :
pcarduinoshield+xbee (wireless communication) shield+xbee ~~ arduino ~~ water heater microcontroller

The SEP1.1 runs on Xbee ? if yes, how I can put on it? there is any tutorial?

I really need a answer for it.

Best Regards,
Hugo Caldas

If by SEP 1.1 you mean Smart Energy 1.1 then the answer is yet the XBee module do support that with the proper firmware version installed.

Do you have enough hardware to create a smart energy network, I don’t know. You first need to wrtite an applcation for your PC that acts as the server which will allow the radios to auth. and assocaite. You also need to have the proper code to install the required Encryption Keys and Certificates. If you are trying to get something created for a class project in less than 6 mo, I would not plan on it getting done in that time frame as there is a great deal of applcation writing you need to do first befor you can even worry about the XBee modules.

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I just have 2 months.
To use SEP , could you advise me a complete kit to do that? This profile is fine but find hardware/software to implement is a big challenge.
Look at this development kit : XKA2C-Z7T-W

You will need to go to

Reality is, you are not going to get this done in the time frame you have, Many companies who have had vast resurces took up to a year just to get something working that could be implementede in the field. I hate to say it but it will likley take you just two months to read the necessary documentation to understand what it is required.