XBee - every XBee modules can...

Every XBee modules can use the SEP 1.1 ?

Could you advise me one to a application (1 coordinator and 2 end devices) ?

thank you

Yes all of the ZIgbee enabled xbee products can be loaded with a special Smart Energy firmware. Once done, you must follow the Smart Energy Regulations for all communications and network establishment.

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Even the Serie 1 modules? If I use one of this, where I can run the SEP1.1 ? a example please.

thank you for the answer

No the S1 or 802.15.4 modules are NOT a Zigbee enabled device. Only the XBee ZB and XBee ZB SMT modules are Zigbee Enabled devices.

The SEP 1.1 support is done using a Firmware upgrade that you perform on the XBee ZB modules. You can find out more by going to http://www.digi.com/standards/smart-energy/

I checked and I read this website.

1-using this XBee-PRO ZB
[pc]–[uC+XBP24-Z7UIT-004](Wireless comm)[XBP24-Z7UIT-004+uC]–[Appliance uC]

2- using this programmable XBee-PRO ZB
[pc]–[daughter board-connection + XBP24BZ7UITB003J](Wireless comm)[XBP24BZ7UITB003J + daughter board-connection]–[Appliance uC]

To implement this, can I choose one of these two schemes, right?

In both cases you are incorrect. There is NO need for a uP or uC to be placed between the XBee and your Appliance uC or PC. The XBee by default is a 3V CMOS level devices that is capable of sending and receiving transparent data over a wireless link.

In reality, all you need is a level shifter and voltage regulator such as the XBIB-U-DEV development board or Spark Fun’s XBee Adapter board to connect the XBee to a PC. On the Appliance side, you just need to connect the XBee to its UART using the proper level shifters.

No Programmable module or mC or uP needed.

In future I want to build a device instead of using a computer. That’s why of using a uC between a pc and a xbee module.

On the Appliance side I need a uC because the Appliance uses a specific protocol to communicate.

I’m not sure if I committed some mistake but I’m a amateur.

What is it you are trying to connect wireless to the appliance? What protocol does the device operate under?

initially a pc. but my objective is build a in home display or something like that. Use the Smart Energy profile 1.1 to monitorize and control a water heater is all I need.
The protocol is performed by serial port. It’s all I know until now.

I would recommend going with an Arduino for the processor. Just understand that you have a great deal of work in just reading to make that function.

On both side? User and appliance?
The scheme will be like one of I wrote above?

I would suggest that you use the Arduino on both side and just use the standard modules (Non programable). It is going to be your fastest option. Will you make it in the time frame you have, I don’t think so. But that will be your fastest rout.