Prolem with connection point to multipoint

What i have is the following setup:

1 XBEE Pro on server side
3 XBEE Pro on clients

Step one the clients have to send a login request to the server, the server have to response on this.

XBEE modules configured as show in:

When I do this and I power up the 3 XBEE clients at the same time there is only connection with ONE XBEE Module.

Even the X-CTU terminal on server side show the INIT data from 1 client.

If is start the XBEE clients at different times all the three clients show there data in the X-CTU terminal.

What have I done wrong?


Even after going through the link that you provided, I was not able to guess what exact setting you have made.

It would be better if you provide, the profiles of all the 4 modules with their Serial Number.