PS II shows RD Led flickering without any connection

I observed that the PSII shows RD Led flickering even if nothing is connected to that port. The controlling PSII has an expansion unit.Such behavior is observed only for the controlling PS II. I wonder what could be the problem.

I’ve seen this before following a thunderstorm or electrical surge via an attached peripheral. The unit will need to be sent for repair.

Also, the attached serial peripherals/cables should be checked for damage/grounding issues. Otherwise, the repaired unit could suffer the same fate once the serial devices are re-attached.

I can tell when it’s running .Works with ingition on but after I crank it up it blows. high density led strip
has a resistor on it do not know the code. 1st band is green, 2nd is brown , 3rd is brown, last is gold. what do I need to fix it? Brought leds for 12v system, led strip lighting
worked in my dash board. Thanks for any help

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