Publish pose data to swarm drone via xbee sub1G


I’m doing drone swarm system indoor with motion capture. The motion capture needs to publish drone 6dof data to each drone wireleely. It requires low time-delay and resist to noise. So, sub-1G seems to be the best option.

I tested xbee-pro-900hp module. Its bandwidth allows to publish 10 drones data. If I want to increase drone numbers, any methods to increase bandwidth capacity?

Data specification,
Each drone: [x,y,z,roll,yaw,pitch], double array, 48 bytes;
Drone number: 50
Publish rate: 30 Hz


There are a few commands that may help but it it is big may.

Try setting RR0x00, MT0x00, TO0x40 MR0x00

Do you have related link? What does these commands mean?


Check the XBee PRO 900 HP Product manual.